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Plates, Sheets & Coils

Aluminum, Armor Plate, Copper, Brass, Military Plates, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium....

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Round, Hex, Flat, & Square Bar

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Sintered Bronze, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium....

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Foil, Ribbon & Strip

Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium....

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Round, Flat. Square, All Shapes of Wire; Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel & Titanium Wire....

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Copper Alloys

MasterSource stocks a wide range of copper alloys, including Beryllium copper (BeCu). With a heavy emphasis on customer needs, we are unmatched in our ability to supply customized materials to solve our customers' problems.

Copper Alloy Menu

C10100 C10200 C10300 C10400 C10500
C10700 C10800 C10920 C10930 C10940
C11000 C11010 C11020 C11030 C11040
C11100 C11300 C11400 C11500 C11600
C11700 C12000 C12100 C12200 C12210
C12220 C12300 C12900 C14180 C14181
C14200 C14300 C14410 C14415 C14420
C14500 C14510 C14520 C14530 C14700
C15000 C15100 C15500 C15715 C15720
C15725 C15760 C16200 C16500 C17000
C17200 C17300 C17410 C17500 C17510
C18000 C18030 C18040 C18050 C18070
C18090 C18100 C18135 C18140 C18150
C18200 C18400 C18700 C18900 C18980
C18990 C19000 C19010 C19015 C19020
C19030 C19100 C19150 C19200 C19210
C19220 C19260 C19280 C19400 C19410
C19450 C19500 C19520 C19700 C19750
C19900 C70600 C71500 C72900 C75200
C79200 C79300      


Stocking copper alloys in plate, sheet, coil, strip, foil, laminated shim stock, wire, round, hex and flat bar and tube.

Compliance: Metals distributed by and thru MasterSource Company Inc. are in compliance with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act pertaining to conflict minerals.

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Supplying aviation grade metals to the DoD and Aerospace industry.
Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Nuclear and Industrial Metals.
Exotic Metals & Hard to Find Metals.